UFC 127 Preview: The Rev. War Continues…

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC

I’ll be honest, I don’t have much interest in UFC 127.  I like BJ Penn, I like Jon Fitch…but as a main event, it isn’t really doing it for me.  Fitch doesn’t seem to be the man he was a few years ago (a vicious 5-round beating from GSP will do that to you..) and B.J. Penn will always excite me as a 155 lb fighter and confuse me as a 170 lb fighter.

However, a recent spark on the under-card has caught my attention.  Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera have had a war of words between Brits & Massholes not seen since the 1700s.  Will this make me rush out to watch the PPV? No.  Not at all. BUT, it is nice to see that some fighters have seen (and seized) the opportunity to stand out on so-so  card.  For those unaware of this revolutionary feud, here we go:

The opening Salvo: Jorge Rivera vs. Michael Bisping UFC 127 Interview Leaked!!!

Bisping’s response: “He’s Acting like a child”

And for your viewing pleasure, the finale (a la Cartman):

Is Rivera funny? No.  But I give  him points for creativity and use of social media channels.  We’ll have to wait until this weekend to find out if his efforts paid off and he got into Bisping’s head or if “The Count” will have the last laugh.

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