STRIKEFORCE Follows with Facebook Promotion

Posted: February 9, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce

Following the success the UFC has had in its Facebook efforts, STRIKEFORCE is looking to up its presence on the social platform.  According to recent reports, STRIKEFORCE is in the market for a new ring girl.  Interested applicants are encouraged to shoot a 30-second video and share it on the promotion’s Facebook page.  STRIKEFORCE fans will then have a chance to vote for their favorite contestant with the winner being announced at the March event in Columbus.

In the past, STRIKEFORCE has used the Rockstar Energy Girls to handle ring card girl duties.  I’m guessing that the organization has finally realized the potential for further brand recognition with STRIKEFORCE branded personalities (Like the UFC has done.)  I like the idea of pushing contests and promotions through Facebook but I don’t think this will generate the same numbers as the UFC did by streaming prelim fights.

Only time will tell if STRIKEFORCE and the age old marketing trick of “sex sells” will prove me wrong…


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