UFC 126: The Aftermath

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

What the?!  That is pretty much the summation of my commentary during the main event of UFC 126.  This card was as amazing as I had hoped it would be.  We saw some WEC stars enter the UFC flawlessly with no Octagon jitters, a surprise title opportunity given, and a few old dogs showed they can learn a new trick or two.

Before I get too far into the analysis of the three fights I previewed, let’s thanks the folks that kept the lights on in Vegas.  Sponsoring this event was: Affliction,  Xyience, BSN, Boost Mobile, Bud Light, Cazadores Tequila, UFC-the-Store, GameFly.com, UFConDemand, TapouT,  Toyo Tires and the movie The Eagle. (I forgot my notebook this go round, so let me know if I missed a brand.)

Via Getty/Zuffa

Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones: This fight was everything I had hoped for except that it fell one round short.  Jon Jones was finally tested and he passed with flying colors.  Ryan Bader is no joke in the LHW division.  The man came with power and Jones brushed it off.  With a beautiful submission victory Jon Jones showed the world he was in fact worth all the hype.   However, what he – and most fans – did not see coming is that Joe Rogan would later announce that Rashad Evans was out injured and Jones will now take his position against champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua next month!  (Although humorously right after the fight they were showing an old ad for Shogun vs. Evans).   I think Rua will walk away with his belt in March, but he will have his hands full with Jones.  Jones (similar to GSPs first run at the title, will learn and come back a juggernaut.)

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Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin: Despite the complaints of some fans, this was still my fight of the night.  Two classy former champions standing toe-to-toe for three rounds.  Griffin would ultimately win via decision, but I was surprised to hear it was unanimous.  Other than the first round where he held Franklin down with sheer size, I thought Franklin put up a decent offensive and should have at least cause the judges to come down to a split.  Griffin was gracious in his post-fight interview and didn’t take Joe Rogan’s bait to sell his books.  I was a little disappointed that the UFC didn’t take the time to give Franklin a post-fight interview.  As the epitome of the “company man” Franklin should never be brushed off exit stage right.

The Main Event: Anderson Silva v. Vitor Belfort:
I noted earlier that I thought the beast inside Anderson Silva would be awakened in this fight as it had been in his fight against Forrest Griffin.  Well, did I call that one or what?  A front face kick at the 3:25 mark ended the title dreams of “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort.  A man known for ending fights quickly and brutally, tasted such a defeat himself.  Any critics of Silva’s performances, must acknowledge his skills after this fight. (You can say anything you want about his attitude or demeanor, his skills are unmatched.) For those keeping score, this brings Silva to 13 straight UFC victories and 8 title defenses.

Now this leaves only one question who (at middleweight) can possibly beat this man?

Via Getty/Zuffa

  1. I love the fact that Anderson Silva refered to it as his “Michael Jackson Kick” from showing off his dancing skills. The man is a multi-talented athlete folks. I’d like to see him execute spinaroonis after each knockout before transitioning to his kata exercise he sometimes does. Then, I’d like him to moonwalk into Joe Rogan and perform his interview in the English I know he has in his utility belt.

    What else can we ask of him?

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