UFC 126 Preview: Franklin-Griffin will be Fight of the Night

Posted: February 4, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Here we are on the eve of what could possibly be the biggest UFC PPV of the Year.  Let’s not beat around the bush and jump right into the 3 matches we all care about:

The Under card:  Career Paths & Divisional Futures

  • Ryan Bader vs. Jon Jones: In a battle of the “young studs” we have Darth and Bones.  This is an exciting fight

    Photo via Zuffa/Getty Images

    for fans.  I’m done with predictions of saying things like “this won’t go 3 rounds.”  In fact, for this fight – I hope it does.  These two both offer what fans want to see: KO power, strong wrestling and cardio for days.  These two can go to war.  Now, there are complaints that these two should have been paced to meet one another rather than go at it so early in their careers.  I disagree.  The MMA world is exploding with talent and the best need to fight the best in order to remain relevant.

    My take: I can honestly say this fight could go either way.  The loser certainly won’t be sent packing, and as this is still early in their careers I see that this could be a potential trilogy in the making.

  • Rich Franklin vs. Forrest Griffin: This is  another great battle of former champions.  In fact, for Franklin its

    Photo via Zuffa/Getty Images

    back-to-back battles against former light heavyweight champs.  Similar to Bader-Jones, this is great for fans but the big difference is who do you cheer for?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Bader or Jones are worth booing or cheering against, but neither have put in the years that Franklin and Griffin have in establishing fan bases.  Franklin, a former math teacher and all around good guy against the every-man Forrest Griffin.   This fight is also another mirror battle – underrated ground games, strong focus on striking and incredible conditioning.  Me personally, I think this will be the Fight of the night.

    My take: Franklin wins by decision.  I love Griffin and he’ll always have a job with the UFC due to his epic battle with Stephan Bonnar.  However, Franklin is master technician and his game plans are always top-notch.  Griffin is known for coming in with plans and then throwing them by the wayside.  I hope a win over a second former champion will propel Franklin into a potential title contender match.  As a fan, I’d love to see him wear gold one more time before he thinks about retirement.

The Main Event:

  • Anderson Silva v. Vitor Belfort for the Middle Weight Title: The battle for Brazil takes place over a 5

    Photo via Zuffa/Getty Images

    round battle for the middle weight crown.  Anderson Silva has worn the crown since defeating Rich Franklin in 2006. Belfort is coming off a string of vicious KO victories and has been identified as the one man who could dethrone the king.  I really don’t have to get into the details as Dana White said it best this week – the fight will either have fireworks or be the most boring staring contest in the history of sports.  Let’s hope for fireworks!

    My Take: Silva in three rounds.  This fight reminds me of his set up with Forrest Griffin.  He is being propositioned against his previous performance with fans saying his killer instinct is gone.  Belfort, like Griffin, charges forward with powerful strikes.  We all remember how the fight with Griffin ended….


Photo via Sherdog




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