UFC’s Social Media Domination Continues

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

The UFC continues to impress me with its dedication to social media.  For the second year in a row, UFC President Dana White will be participating in the online charity, TwitChange.  If you’re unfamiliar with the organization, TwitChange is the award-winning celebrity charity auction in which fans bid for a chance to be followed, mentioned or retweeted by their favorite celebrities.  All of the proceeds go to a charitable cause and this year’s beneficiary is Operation Once In A Lifetime which supports service men and women in need.

last year when TwitChange launched its initial auction on September 25, 2010 the group raised over $500,000 to build a school for children with special needs in Haiti for http://www.ahomeinhaiti.org.  Although a great cause,

For those in NYC, you may have seen some ads around town with some very familiar faces on them. The current auction will run through the remainder of this week ending on Saturday, February 5.  Here’s hoping they are able to surpass last year’s numbers!

On the non-charitable side of the social platform, but equally impressive I wanted to follow-up on the UFC’s Facebook strategy.  As I discussed during my recap of the The Fight for the Troops 2 card , the UFC had announced that four prelim fights would be streamed live on its Facebook page.  In order to view the content,  fans of course  had to “like” the UFC page.  The site MMAPayout tracked the number of “Likes” on the UFC Facebook page, and had some interesting numbers to report:

  • On the night of the announcement, the UFC had 4,547,665 “likes” on its page.
  • At the end of Saturday night, after the fights were streamed live on Facebook, the number of “likes” had increased to 4,607,413 which is an increase of roughly 59,748 “likes”, a gain of 1.31%.
  • At the end of the weekend, UFC had tallied 66,210 “likes”, which was an increase of 1.46%.

Pretty impressive numbers.  For some brands I’d be concerned with the retention rate, but the UFC does an excellent job with their page and keeping fans engaged with a variety of content.  This reminds me that I’m due for another “Big Three” series and I think this one will focus on the Facebook pages.  Stay tuned for more there.

  1. Awesome charitable cause and great to see the UFC consistently step up for these events.

    In regards to Facebook, I love the idea of broadcasting those unaired fights for fans who want to see the undercard which can contain future stars just breaking into “the Big Stage.” I wonder if the UFC will ever break exclusive news via Facebook first like a major fighter signing with them etc. Also, what do you think the chances are that at some point they offer some exclusive Facebook videos of fighters in a backstage UFC Countdown show format? I love the Countdown shows and they are great for building hype and fans love seeing these athletes in their natural habitats/training facilities etc. I still remember my shock at watching Sean Sherk’s workout regimen years ago on Countdown.

    • Great idea, Ryan. Since they canceled “All-Access” from TV (as far as I know) I’d love to see the concept and content come to Facebook. They’ve done a nice job posting interviews and videos from aired segments but I think exclusive content is the only thing that will keep fans coming back.

      Re: Sherk – Sometimes I think he is a machine. Unreal work ethic.

  2. […] the success the UFC has had in its Facebook efforts, STRIKEFORCE is looking to up its presence on the social platform.  […]

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