The BJJ Manifesto Has Arrived

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR

Don’t worry, this manifesto is not from Ted Kaczynski.  Instead, it comes to us from TUF-alumnus Matt Arroyo.  You may remember Matt from Team Serra.  Not too long ago we saw Bloody Elbow unleash the MMA Encyclopedia, well Matt and co-author Rob Kahn are no giving us the BJJ Manifesto.

The e-book positions itself to consist of an exhaustive list of jiu-jitsu-related topics , which is coupled with the appropriate strategies for using each. For example, some items you’ll learn about (according to the e-book’s site):

  • Just mounted your opponent? Quick – DON’T go for the kill! Why attacking from mount almost guarantees you’ll get bucked-off.
  • How Judo, Wrestling and Sambo are different from BJJ…and…why success in other grappling sports can mean FAILURE in BJJ.
  • The “Green Light” technique that alerts you to when your opponent is most vulnerable to your submissions. It’s how I beat two black belts in competition when I was a purple belt, and it’s the key to catching guys with years more experience than you (even if you have just “mediocre” submission skills)
  • The single most important strategy when fighting opponents who rely on pure athleticism (great against wrestlers and naturally gifted opponents).
  • How to choke out your opponent with shoulder pressure alone!
  • When focusing on submissions KILLS your submission game! Secrets of the “make him tap himself” method.
  • The single biggest mistake new grapplers make. It’s why their techniques “don’t work” even after they’ve drilled them in practice.

Since I’ve never been one for home-schoolin’, I likely won’t pick up a copy of this e-book.  However, I can praise Arroyo for two things: 1) Working to build a brand beyond his time in the Octagon and 2) creating an e-Book vs. a print edition.  People forget the simplicity of an e-Book.  You can go to market faster, it can be shared easily online and for the eco-friendly, there is no waste of paper resources. 

Also, for anyone who may be wondering why I wrote a post about this: I saw MA-native Joe Lauzon was one of the endorsing fighters I figured there may actually be a nugget or two for young fighters looking to perfect their game.

To learn more about the e-book visit the official site at



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