Fight for the Troops 2: The Aftermath

Posted: January 24, 2011 in Marketing, PR, UFC

From Yahoo! Sports

This Saturday marked the UFC’s second “Fight for the Troops” special.  Last year the organization raised $4 million for the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.  I hope that this year the organization is able to match or surpass that number for this great cause.

The UFC put on a great, free card for fans and provided a great deal of education to the fans regarding the brain injuries that can occur with our brave men and women of the armed forces.  Videos from families walked through injuries, heartaches and medical miracles.  With a barrage of fighters and celebrities making the plea for donations I look forward to hearing the results when the drive concludes.

As a marketer, I will also be interested to see any stats surrounding another social initiative that came out of the UFC for this card.  Rather than show the prelims on SPIKE or ION, the fights were shown exclusively on Facebook. Fans that “Liked” the UFC fan page would be given access to videos of four preliminary fights.  A great deal for fans and another check mark for the UFC’s already impressive social media strategy.

I was not particularly interested in either of the main events for this card.  Although impressive in their wins, neither Guillard or Mitrione interest me as a fan.  Both tend to lean on the arrogant side and I’ve always been a fan of more respectful fighters. However, two fights that blew me away were:

  • Miller v. Wiman: Before the card even aired I thought this would be fight of the night and it didn’t disappoint.  “Handsome” Matt  Wiman put on a clinic against Cole Miller ground and pounding him for three full rounds.  I honestly thought that Miller would walk right through Wiman – boy, was I wrong.  Although neither fighter is likely close to seeing a title shot in the immediate future, both will have fans lined up for their next bout.
  • Barry v. Beltran: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I like this new crop of elite, athletic heavyweights.  Although fans/media have given Pat Barry some grief for his slow start you have to be impressed by his performance against “The Mexicutioner.”  Barry put on a brutal leg kick clinic that will have people thinking twice before steeping forward against him in the Octagon.  I think Barry is a few more fights away from any title talks, but there are plenty of exciting fights in his future.  I’d love to see him take on Roy Nelson in a classic opposite physiques match or see him face the loser of JDS/Brock.

What did you think of this card?


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  1. Ryan says:

    I thought that the event was a great UFC card for TV and was a great cause as well. I really liked the vignettes that aired throughout the broadcast which really brought the issue of TBI to your home in a very real and visceral way. The men and women who devote their lives and risk their lives for Americans and America’s interests deserve such praise and recognition of their present and ongoing needs. I was also very touched by Pat Barry’s emotional post-fight comments with Joe Rogan.

    I hope that the UFC continues these events in the future and would love to see them donate a portion of buy-ins for a major PPV event to this fund. I would also like to see Brian Stann main event or co-main event the next Fight for the Troops. What did you think of the headline event for this past event?

    • As I said in the post, I thought this was a great event for fans. But, to be honest – I wasn’t exactly gaga over the main event. Dunam is a great fighter, but I’m not sure if I would hang his hat on a main event yet. Guillard has had a number of issues (drugs, attitude) over the years that doesn’t exactly put him on the top of my “must see” list either. I think the UFC is brilliant in their matchmaking but with Florian out hurt, I think this was the best of a bad situation.

  2. […] I wanted to follow-up on the UFC’s Facebook strategy.  As I discussed during my recap of the The Fight for the Troops 2 card , the UFC had announced that four prelim fights would be streamed live on its Facebook page.  In […]

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