A Throwback in Communication: The Love of Print

Posted: January 18, 2011 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

In a world moving offline, the UFC continues to push its “UFC the Magazine” across all of its marketing channels.  Its revamped and social-heavy website, Facbook page and Twitter handle have all recently pushed fans to check out the new UFC magazine with LHW champion “Shogun” Rua on the cover.  Just yesterday, I saw this piece on UFC.com providing fans an overview of the issue.

With newspapers dying, magazines shrinking their pages and some outlets moving completely online it is a refreshing twist to see an online driven force of content moving offline to the pages of a magazine.

Although the Website blurbs are helpful, the true push has been on Facebook where the UFC asks fans to submit their photos holding the magazine.  This, of course, tends to lead to a barrage of funny shots.  If you aren’t a “fan” of the UFC, it is ok you can still view all photos.  I’d keep an eye to them even if just for an occasional laugh. Now, this magazine drive is a marketing push the UFC has been doing since the inception of the outlet.  Now 9 issues in, the organizations must be seeing some form or return on its product to keep it in production.

Have you checked out UFC the magazine? Will you continue to buy it?  More importantly, did you find it on your own via newsstands or come across it due to the UFC’s online efforts?

  1. I haven’t been following the magazine to tell you the truth. I know subscription to it would dramatically cut its cover cost as I currently receive “Ultimate MMA” at a steal of a price but I feel it covers MMA as a whole which I like and is still heavy into grappling analysis which I love. Perhaps I’ll switch when my subscription expires. How do you think UFC’s magazine compares to other MMA magazines?

    • It’s a good magazine, but I also prefer ultimate mma. The ufc mag has great pics but the pieces are short. Ult. MMA has some good interviews and training tips from sources all over the MMA world.

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