Posted: January 14, 2011 in Bellator, Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

Well, the march from the UFC and other MMA organizations continues toward Madison Square Garden.  I wrote about Dana White’s movements in NY and now this week, the UFC  continued the push and held several media events in NYC to help move the cause toward legalizing MMA in NY.

Green = legal; Yellow=illegal; Gray = why bother?

My Take: Frankly, this is only a matter of time and fans should not worry too much.  With 44 states legalizing the sport, millions in ticket sales pending (as well as hotel/restaurant boosts), and MSG being known as “the mecca of sports” – NY can’t turn this down again.

With Boston now legalized, how could NYC turn this popular cash-cow down and watch multiple events go to my beloved Bean Town  when they could be the ones benefiting.  Saying No to MMA would be more than just bad business, it would be just plain stupid. (According to the press conference reports, Lorenzo Fertitta stated he believed that the UFC alone would create $23 million dollars in revenue and 200 jobs from two shows a year in NY).

Stats are a bit old, but still impressive

I remember when the “fight” to legalize MMA was taking place here in MA and seeing a petition from www.mmafacts.com, well the site has now been updated with NYC as its focus. For those fans interested in bringing MMA to the Empire State, or new fans looking to learn more about MMA – I suggest you go check this site out.  If you do, other than the NYC petition you’ll find:

  • MMA News from top Consumer outlets (USA Today, ESPN, SI.com, etc);
  • MMA Fact Kits;
  • MMA by the Numbers (ratings, sales, etc);
  • MMA Myths vs. Realities; and,
  • MMA Athlete Profiles.

What do you think, will 2011 be the year the UFC comes to the Big Apple?

  1. I can’t imagine that turning MMA down will occur given all that you’ve articulated here. The creation of revenue and jobs in this economy are the dangling carrot to get any horse moving along. I think it will occur this year.

    If it does, do you think they will do a huge UFC Expo in the first event held there as they did here in Boston?

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