Have You Lost that Loving Feeling?

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR

This is a throwback post. I wrote it back in April 2008 for a now defunct PR blog.  However, as I look at it again today, I think it still carries a message that applies to not only today’s PR pro but also anyone else hitting a bump in their career.  For those out there wondering if they have “lost that loving feeling” in what they do, I hope this helps.

Agency life can sometimes be tough (to say the least.)   It’s fast paced, deadline oriented, time sensitive, and no matter how good you are things can always go astray.  Perhaps you have a client that just can’t be pleased, perhaps you have a number of briefings secured – but none result in coverage, or maybe you have a day where you are just relentlessly turned down by reporters.  These things are going to happen.  As the old saying goes, “life comes at you hard,”  and, let’s face it, you wouldn’t be human unless at some point you wondered if PR was really for you.  So if you’re asking yourself that question, how do you ensure you don’t lose that lovin’ feeling?

For some people the cure is a new challenge and opportunity.  But for me, that’s only a temporary fix.  The opportunity to try a new task can be fulfilling and fun, but does it cure the doubt?  Eventually the same issues mentioned above can creep back during a hellish week and you’re back to asking yourself questions.  And your answer to why you are in the agency should never be Zack Mayo’s famous line “I got nowhere else to go!” Instead, stop and think, take a deep breath and ask yourself – what brought you to PR?  What was is that made you passionate about the business?  When you have that answer, go do that.  Give yourself that refresher and re-energize yourself.

For me there are many aspects of this job that I love, but here is a recent example that comes to mind. I was having a rough week ( no worries folk, not enough of a bad week to switch careers) and found myself looking for some rays of sunshine.  For me, I love telling a story and talking through different angles with reporters.   I recently tried a “Hail Mary” pitch to a reporter I’ve worked with in the past.  By that I don’t mean it was a bad pitch, it was just a long shot that this reporter would bite.  The information was good, it fell in his coverage area, but based on my experience with him, didn’t think it would fit personality-wise.  However, I went for it and locked down a meeting.  The exact exchange was “you know, I’m not sure if there is a story here – but you’ve proven me wrong on that before.  Let’s set something up.”   I’m not embarrassed to admit I did a very ugly, uncoordinated victory dance across the entire office.  Clearly, the loving feeling was still with me.

Now the question is – What keeps you in the game?


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