MMA Hits Another Bump Toward Mainstream

Posted: January 10, 2011 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, UFC

Club Apple Says No MMA Until Football is Over

If you read this blog enough, you know my stance: MMA is popular, but not quite mainstream yet.  I won’t give it this title until I see that is toe-to-toe with all other sports.  The above pic was sent to me from my cousin in Austin, TX.

During my last visit to TX we were able to catch the Rampage v. Evans UFC card at a local Applebees.  Sure, not the typical sports bar location but how can you turn down a venue that refers to itself as “Club Apple” after 9 p.m.?  You can’t.

If the sport was completely mainstream this location would show both sports and let the attendees decide what should be played on what TV.  Let’s be honest, these days it is not like there is only one TV in a given bar.

Club Apple,  you have broken my heart sir.

  1. […] I’d like to blame the ol’ 9-5 for my recent lapse in posts, but to be honest I took a little “me time” and went on some trips to Austin, TX and W. Palm Beach.  The time off was good and definitely gave the energy to start writing again. If you’ve read about my Austin adventures before, sadly – I did not catch the Penn-Diaz fight at Club Apple. […]

  2. […] day MMA.  This is why even now despite the UFC media machine, the sport cannot be defined as mainstream yet. There is still quite a bit of education needed for fans. From […]

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