YouTube Review: MMA Candy

Posted: December 22, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media

We’ve reviewed YouTube channels and Websites for fighters, clothing lines and media outlets, so it was only a matter of time before looking at the world of the ring girls. Today, we check out the YouTube Channel for MMA Candy.  If you’re note familiar with the group, here is a run down from their site:

MMA Candy is a Full Service Entertainment, Marketing and Promotion company that provides Professional Fighters, Fitness Models, Ring Girls and Martial Arts enthusiasts a unique opportunity to expand their fan base through film, photography and print media, live events, publications, signature clothing lines and more.  Fighters and spokes models just have to do what they do best. MMA Candy does the rest!

We represent the most talented men and women in all aspects of MMA and Fitness.  Our marketing team has a combined 100+ years of marketing, branding, event production, promotions, video media, print media, publication development, printing, graphics development, and web development.

Well, they talk the marketing talk – let’s see if they walk it.

The Criteria for review:

Design: Bingo! They start off with a bang.  Unlike many of our previous reviews, MMA Candy did not rely on the stale template provided by YouTube.  Instead, they have a customized channel showing off a fighter, a model and their logo.

Social Integration: The site does have a Facebook and Twitter handle showcased on its traditional Website, but I did not see any promotion of it here on YouTube.  To some, you may say “well isn’t that redundant?”  No, its consistency and helps show off every channel in the event that someone only discovers you at one instead of another.  When I did check out their Twitter handle they do a nice job integrating to send Tweets when new videos are available.

Interaction: This is where I was most impressed.   As you have seen here from most of our reviews, people have treated YouTube with a  set it and forget it mindset.  This is wrong, you need to stay alert and respond to your audiences.  MMA Candy is doing a GREAT job of this.  I expected to see the usual scene of ignoring fans, but instead found the team operating the page to be very responsive.   More importantly, they were consistently responsive across all videos – not just one or two.

What I liked best: Taking the engagement seriously.  Whether you are a one man/woman wolf-pack or a large organization, if someone is interested in your material take the time to let them know you appreciate it.  Nice work, MMA Candy.

What I liked least: I’m going to remove my own man card here, but I have to say the videos could have used some more interviews or discussions of MMA.  I know enough fans that will feel otherwise and ask for more “hot girls” doing BJJ moves, but as a fan of the sport I could have used some different form of video. (Even if only humorous.)  However, as a marketer I do get that the point of the company is to get these models discovered for gigs, so if the biggest complaint I have is that they do their job – I guess I have no complaint.

Overall rating: 4/5

What do you think of the job MMA Candy is doing on YouTube? To view the full channel please visit:

  1. melodie says:

    Love The techniques are easy to understand, even if you have no clue about mma 🙂

  2. Definitely an interesting site. Thanks for stopping by melodie!

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