Welcome to the UFC, Cruz & Pettis!

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

From Yahoo! Sports

What. A. Night.   A free card on a cable television with two, count ‘em, two 5-round title fights.  The WEC certainly went out with a bang!

Dominick Cruz made history by defending the WEC bantamweight title (becoming its last holder) and earning the first

From Yahoo! Sports

UFC bantamweight title with the destruction of Scott Jorgensen.  He kept the pressure on and showed why the “little guys” are ones you don’t want to step into the cage with. All three judges gave Cruz 50-45 to win the 5 round decision.

I was unsure at first about the WEC-UFC lightweight title unification bout, but I’ve since changed my tune.  Anthony Pettis pulled an upset on former champ Ben “smooth” Henderson by using a move Stephan Bonnar described as “Something out of the Matrix.”

Pettis landed a head kick after he ran up the side of the cage. A blasted Henderson hit the floor and with the fall, in my opinion, lost the judges decision. The fight was an exciting back and forth battle of both striking and grappling.  The cage-walk-kick, had to be what solidified the win for Pettis.  Up to that point, I thought Henderson would retain.
He took the title and earned himself a shot against the UFC lightweight champ with a unanimous decision win 48-47, 48-47 and 49-46. (I thought 49-46 was a bit much..)

My Take: I am now finally excited about this merger. Don’t get me wrong, as I posted I’ve been saying it needed to happen all along – but I wasn’t really sure how it would play out.  Now after these two title fights, I’m much happier with the prospect of seeing these gents line the top of a UFC card.  Frankly I found both Pettis and Henderson to be far more exciting (and personable) than Frankie Edgar or Gray Maynard.  I’m looking forward to Pettis defeating either of them for UFC gold.

Oh, and this wasn’t the last you’ll hear of Ben Henderson.  I expect to see gold around his waist again some time in the near future.

  1. Ryan says:

    I think this merger will lead to some very stacked cards in the future. I think that the addition of the extra lighter divisions will boost PPVs overall but will also save us (the fans) from PPV events were fighters are injured and forced to pull out resulting in an overall weak card (I think we can all recall a few just in the past year). I would also really love to see the lighter weight classes showcased in fights that are free on spike TV because it would broaden their casual MMA fanbase recognition. Plus, the competition for roster spots in the 155 division is going to give the fans some very interesting fights between very talented fighters in what is now a very deep division. Exciting stuff!

  2. […] go the distance and become instant classics. Example:  Griffin/Jackson, Machida/Rua I, GSP/Hardy, Cruz/Faber and Edgar/Maynard […]

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