STRIKEFORCE continues Charitable Nature

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce

I’ll hand it to the folks at STRIKEFORCE.  They are continuing their charitable program with Turning Wheels for Kids and I love seeing it. There is no real need for analysis here, if you can help others you should.  Especially professional athletes.

From the STRIKEFORCE website:

Josh Thomson and the Strikeforce staff members volunteered at a Bike Build today for Turning Wheels for Kids, a charity organization that gives bikes to underprivileged children to encourage outdoor activity resulting in health and well-being. “The Punk” competed during the Celebrity Tricycle Race and remained throughout the entire event to build numerous bikes for the children.

Strikeforce hosted a charity golf tournament in October benifiting Turning Wheels for Kids. The event raised nearly thirty thousand dollars for the charity.

To view video of this please visit here.

  1. […] and have been impressed with the MMA world’s charitable nature. Of late, STRIKEFORCE has been showing a lot of love but the MMA Juggernaut, the UFC, has never been a slouch in this […]

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