UFC 124: The Aftermath; What’s next for GSP?

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

From Yahoo! Sports

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to watch UFC 124 yet as I was traveling on business over the weekend.  Although I know the results, I still plan on watching it later this week so I can see it for myself in all its glory.

In terms of what is next for GSP, I came across an interesting e-mail message among my fellow fans (and friends).  These are MMA fanatics that I tend to watch the big PPV with.  The two decided to discuss what’s next in terms of competition for the dominating welterweight champion, and I was fortunate enough to be cc’d.  Since Dana White allowed the fans to determine the “Fight of the Night” winner,  I  figured I’d let the fans run this “Aftermath” post.  (As I want to keep their identities private, I’ll rename them as classic Ghostbusters characters.  Also as this was ripped directly from the chain, please excuse grammar/typos, etc.)

I realized he has a few more people he can clean up.

Jake Shields, I think he uses that super jab followed by some combos and beats the piss out if shields by taking him down to the mat and showing him what a real BJJ black belt is.

Carlos condit, Intriquing fight I like condit a lot. I think GSP will analyze and find the chink in his armor.

Jon Fitch, if he can beat BJ and maybe one more guy well see round 2 but this time GSP finds a way to stop him.

Martin Kampman
Solid fighter but has no FRICKING chance in hell of beating GSP

At some point someone is going to show up that could give GSP a run for his money….maybe….ok probbaly not.

GSP could have some halfway decent fights all through this year.

Ohh and interesting side note. GSP is 5 10 and Anderson Silva is 6 2 but gsp has 76 inch reach, silva has 77.5 If the reach is equal the height might actually work to his advantage. I think GSP fights shields (april ufc 131) one more guy (aug) three months off to build up 2 month camp warm up 185 fight maybe new years eve or super bowl card

Sets up for a super fight in april or may it also is right around the end of anderson silvas (3 more fights then retire)

If GSP fights sheilds and moves up after though april ufc 7 months after is the new years eve or super bowl card which would be the right time frame

I like your lineup and anaylsis – but shields is no joke on the ground in BJJ. He is genuinely scary there. However, a fight standing is a fight were shields is sitting with only a puncher’s chance. I think you’re right time frame wise for how long GSP would need to bulk comfortably.

I am definetly looking to see how BJ fares against Fitch though I hope a win doesn’t place either in line for a shot. Either way the winner of that shouldn’t get a crack at gold. Sucks to be Fitch but unless he wins in spectacular fashion no one wants to see him fight GSP again and BJ has lost twice already.

Condit impresses me a great deal too and I would love to see him fight BJ at some point.

I think fitch has two win two. I dont think BJ ever gets another shot. It was close first time but GSP won and the second time BJ quit; it was the right call. but if you quit you can expect to get another shot unless you are just dominate and they cant say no The thing with fitch is he is boring but he wins. I think that if GSP beats someone once they dont really deserve another shot unless they rattle off a bunch of wins. Jon Fitch does just that if your not GSP you cant beat him.

condit fitch would be interesting, actually I think condit is pretty dynamic

I think shields is dangerous on the ground but doesnt have knockout power. I think GSP shows his whole bag and you see his standup really show. I think hes going to put on a clinic with punches kicks and takedowns.

Against kos it was surgical because he had to worry about power. Against shields hes going to pull out the whole bag

Very true about no one else bring able to beat Fitch. Do you think Dana is hoping BJ wins. Then BJ just keeps fighting and Fitch has to keep fighting others?

I think Dana is praying that BJ beats him. Maybe even finishes him. If he could finish fitch and then beat a couple more guys then you could in theroy set up another gsp on the fact that BJ finished him and gsp didn’t. Dana loves star power and BJ is star power. I think he would love BJ to take over that division if GSP moved up.

I really think its interesting that gsp is only giving up an inch on silva for reach. Height stil matters espeically because of kicks but it was tighter then i thought.

Well, what do you think of these points fans? Who do you think GSP should face next?

From ESPN.com

  1. Ryan says:

    I find Venkman’s argument both clear and concise and I feel that on a personal note he is a very handsome and alluring man. I am looking forward to seeing a fight between Shields and GSP and I think that in this fight Shields will look and be far more impressive than his UFC debut in terms of weight cutting and UFC jitters etc. However, I find that this continual evolution of GSP in all facets of MMA will simply be too much for Shields. If GSP keeps the fight standing and sprinkles in takedowns that press Shields against the fence to enable ground and pound with little hip movement space for Shields to set up offensively off his back – I think that GSP will finish him within the first three rounds. All that aside, I would eventually like to see GSP move up and fight Anderson Silva. However, rather than having them fight at 185 – perhaps they could make it a catchweight of 180. I know that Silva cuts a great deal of weight to make 185 already but I think that with a good time frame this would lead to a more competetive and evenly matched fight in terms of size advantages/disadvantages. To see those two skill sets collide would be like settling the age old debate of who wins between TMNT Leonardo and Raphael. We all want to see it.

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