TUF – Another Season, Another One-Sided Coaching Battle

Posted: December 2, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Well, here we go again.

Last night another season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) came to a close.  As a marketer, each season I get more and more impressed with the brands associated with the program and thew product placements that find their way into the show.  As a fan however, I have not been truly impressed since Season 3.

Season 3 to me marked the last season of true standout athletes.  Season 1 & 2 were riddled with fighters that are still lacing cards across the UFC.  Season  3 began the decline of fighters the promotion wanted to keep, but also marked the increase in uneven coaches.

Since the failure of Ken Shamrock there continues to be a coach who just outclasses the other.  Ortiz shined over Shamrock, Pulver over Penn, Griffin over Jackson, etc – leading up to this season of TUF.  The final marked this Saturday (12/4) will be between two members of Team GSP.  I do not have an official prediction this time, as I think the battle of Johnson & Brookins could go either way.

For those that missed out this season, don’t you worry – the annual marathon of episodes will lead into the finale.  As a whole, the season did not impact me the way previous ones did.  The only take-away I had is that I now truly dislike Kos and want to see GSP put on a show in their title fight.

What did you think of this season?

  1. Ryan says:

    I think that as the years progress it is getting harder and harder to find guys like our two finalists. They both carried themselves with class throughout the season and displayed a tremendous degree of skill and concern for their evolution in MMA. On the other hand, it seems like every season we get one or two “characters” who perpetuate the stereotype of the thug MMA fighter who just wants to “beat people up” and show how tought they are. They never make it to the final rounds and yet, they get ample airtime to display moments of lunacy. On a side note, I am very happy that Brookin won but I hope he devotes significant time to filling some of the “holes” that were exposed in that first round of the finale. What kind of future do you think Brookins has in the UFC as a TUF winner?

    • I’m still trying to form my thoughts around Brookins as a TUF winner. I like him as a fighter. Good attitude, great skills. But there are too many question marks at this time. I’d like to see him be the next Forrester Griffin, but if he doesn’t clean up his holes he may be another middle of the road TUF winner. Staying alive, but never moving beyond a “Fight Night” main event.

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