MMA in the Media: GSP & SportsCenter

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Ah, the marketing gods do in fact listen!  Not too long ago, I wrote about the NYC media tour of GSP.  During that media blitz, “Rush” was profiled by The New York Times and shot a spoof with   Although humorous, I did think the spoof was a bit outdated and there were funnier things GSP could have been doing in the office.

Well, it would appear the folks at ESPN Sports Center had me in mind.  The above video started airing last week on the sports network.   This is HUGE for MMA.  ESPN has started to cover the sport in small bursts adding columns to its blog network, adding highlights from PPVs in wrap-ups and providing the occasional MMA Live segment.  This brief clip shows us that they are taking the sport more seriously than you would think.  By making a commercial with an MMA star they have put a stake in the ground and confirmed that they take this sport seriously, and that its fans are of interest to Sports Center.

More importantly (at least to the PR guy in me) this ad also means that there is no ill will toward the UFC or MMA as a whole after the recent Twitter activity surrounding UFC  120.

What do you think of this commercial?

  1. […] Because it is Friday and we could always enjoy a good laugh, I’m bringing out this ESPN ad they were showcasing just before the GSP & Kos PPV.  It was a nice follow on to his SportsCenter commercial. […]

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