UFC 123: The Aftermath

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC, Uncategorized

Picture from Yahoo! Sports

This was certainly a PPV card that held many surprises for fans.  This event had a shiny new UFC belt handed to Jose Aldo, showed a Lauzon  battle plan fail, a Chute Box fighter go for a decision instead of a finish, a battle of champions expected to go the distance over in seconds, and a battle of champions expected to be over in seconds – going the distance!  Now don’t take this negative tone as a negative view of the event. Despite not having a title fight as the main event, I think fans certainly got their money worth out of this UFC event.

Let’s look at the top three battles of the event:

  • Lauzon/Sotiropoulos: This was a great 155 lb battle and ultimately became the fight of the night. This was a fight full of slick BJJ.  Lauzon came guns-a-blazin’ but lost sight of his plan and ultimately succumbed to a kimura by Sotiropoulos.  I was hoping that the Bridgewater native would come out on top, but alas, not the case.
  • Hughes/Penn: This fight broke my heart.  As a Hughes fan, I hated to see him lose – so decisively – so quickly.  The only positive aspect to this fight for me was the positive post fight speeches of both fighters. Penn was surprisingly humble in victory, and Hughes was gracious in defeat.
  • Rampage/Machida: This fight was a good chess match, but disappointing in terms of action.  Rampage pressed, Machida eluded.  However, neither showed me that they had the fire to truly win the fight until it was almost too late. Joe Rogan said it best, what ultimately won the fight for Jackson was his aggression and Octagon control.

Now let’s take a step back and look at the companies that kept the light’s on for this event: Affliction,  Xyience, BSN, Bud Light, Cazadores Tequila, Boost Mobile, UFC-the-Store, GameFly.com, UFConDemand, TapouT, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the movie Faster. This card had a bit more marketing muscle than UFC 122, but not by much.

What’s next? This is a question that this card could not answer.  Sotiropoulos is not a marketable enough figure to headline a fight, let alone get a shot at the title.  Penn is too unpredictable in nature and could very well lose focus in his next fight.  Neither Rampage nor Machida showed me that they were deserving of a main event any time soon.  What’s next?  I’ll leave that to the scrutiny of Joe Silva.


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