UFC 123 Preview: Hughes v. Penn III

Posted: November 19, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

This weekend marks UFC 123: Rampage v. Machida.  However, this preview is not going to focus on that fight. Why? Because although it is a battle of former light heavyweight champs, the fight holds no meaning to the division.  Should Rampage win, he has at least two more fights before he sees a title and should Machida win, hewould need at least one more win before setting his sights back on Rua’s gold.

What I will focus on instead is Hughes-Penn III.  Yes, I’ve changed my tune. I said not too long ago that I didn’t see why this fight was happening.  After watching the above UFC countdown, I am now very excited for this fight.  This is the power of good marketing.  This segment sold me something I didn’t think I’d ever see: Two rivals with complete respect for one another.  This video shows no trash talk, no put downs, no guarantees.  What you do see is two legends of the sport, two former champions looking for something more important that championship gold: pride.

These guys are using the rubber match for its exact purpose – to know who is the best.  This is what the sport is about, this is what true champions strive for.  As an enormous Hughes fan, I’ll be tuning in and hoping to see him come up on top.

What do you think, can a country boy survive again or is this a time when the Prodigy will step up and show why the industry has always touted his skills?


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