Good Tweet, Bad Tweet: What are you sending?

Posted: November 9, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

Not too long ago I provided a 101 on Twitter for those new to the platform.  I follow a number of fighters and MMA outlets and am always surprised at how people engage through Twitter.  It is one of the greatest, growing, social experiments.  Like any other group, there are some great MMA uses of Twitter and some awful uses.

Last week I noticed an example of each use case.  Ok, I’ll be honest, Yahoo!’s Cagewriter caught the first example.  The incident involves heavyweights Pat Barry and Joey Beltran who were hyping their upcoming bout that will take place at the UFC Fight for the Troops on Jan. 22nd.  But what you’ll notice is that this isn’t a “Tito Ortiz-style” Twitter war.  Instead of taking low blows or trying to undercut their opponent, they are just going back and forth an providing further reason for Fans to love them.  This is good social PR for the fighters as they build their fan-friendly brands and helps  promote MMA fighters as classy athletes, not angry brawlers.

Screen grab from Yahoo! Cagewriter

The other example is a good case of fan relations ( I guess) but a poor use of Twitter.  Jens Pulver last week would simply RT anything people asked him too.  Although this may make fans smile and provide a reason to send him notes, it isn’t the greatest use of the platform.  This provides people a place to get inappropriate messages blasted to a large audience and may make more social-savvy people think that the Pulver handle is simply handed by a bot versus the fighter himself.

(Yeah, I know, the below examples aren’t terrible. I removed most of the real ‘winners’ from fans looking to pull a fast one.)

What do you think of these two examples? How are you using Twitter?


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