Win a Copy of the MMA Encyclopedia

Posted: November 2, 2010 in Bellator, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

Did you ever wish you had a complete encyclopedia of mixed martial arts at your fingertips? Well the fine folks at Bloody Elbow have created and published one and it hit shelves this week.  However, like all good Web entities they are offering loyal readers the chance to win a copy of this book for free.  How? Well, I’ll let author Jonathan Snowden explain as he did in his post yesterday:

My new book, The MMA Encyclopedia, hits book shelves today. It’s an exciting time for me and the crew at ECW Press. I feel like we’ve provided an informative, entertaining, and accessible guide to the sport. Add in the amazing photography of Peter Lockley and you’re looking at a book well suited for the newest noob or the veteran fan of the sport.

Despite (and because of) our frequent and loud disagreements, I consider Bloody Elbow family. I’ve never been a part of a community with smarter or more creative readers. I want to reward  you with a free copy of my book. The rules are simple: we want to see fan posts documenting the great history of MMA. Which events stand out in your memory? Is there a fight that changed the sport forever? Tell us about it in 1000 words or less! Simply label your post MMA Encyclopedia I will pick several posts that shine at the end of the week and a committee made up of our editors (Luke Thomas and Kid Nate) will choose a winner from that group. The winning post will also be promoted to the front page for our millions of monthly readers.

Take home a chunk of MMA history and make Bloody Elbow a more interesting place at the same time. The MMA Encyclopedia is also available for sale at a book store near you and online at Amazon and other fine retailers. You can hear my radio appearance discussing the project on Live Audio Wrestling last night here.

Please Label Competing Fanposts “The MMA Encyclopedia Contest: Name of Post”

I think this is a very cool concept for a book and a great idea to spur on some intelligent writing on the sport of MMA.  I hope you’ll all take the time to submit a post.

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