Thank You STRIKEFORCE: Charity & MMA

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce

I give the folks at STRIKEFORCE a hard time quite a bit on this blog.  I tend to disagree with its marketing and promotions, but I can’t fault their charitable nature.  If there is one thing I wish athletes did more of it is donate their time to worthy causes.

The first annual STRIKEFORCE Charity Golf Tournament took place this week and the sold out event raised proceeds that went to Turning Wheels for Kids, a charity organization that gives bikes to underprivileged children to encourage outdoor activity resulting in health and well-being.

Thank you to the folks at STRIKEFORCE and the participating fighters for making a difference in kids lives and reminding the public that fighters don’t only “show heart” when in the cage.

For more info, visit

  1. […] hand it to the folks at STRIKEFORCE.  They are continuing their charitable program with Turning Wheels for Kids and I love seeing it. There is no real need for analysis here, if you […]

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