Dana White: Top 49 Influential Men 3x Running

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

As a follow-up to my earlier post, it was announced yesterday that Dana White was named to Askmen.com’s list of Top 49 Influential Men of 2010.  What is interesting about this is that White has now made this list 3 years running. What is unfortunate however, is that he has dropped in the rankings from last year.

In 2008 White was #14, in 2009 he grew to the rank of #10. This year, he dropped dramatically to #32.

The question becomes: is White losing influence or is the UFC becoming ingrained enough in pop-culture that his actions are jumping out less and less to the public?  This is not necessarily a bad thing. If MMA is becoming – gasp – mainstream enough that White’s actions are expected instead of seeming revolutionary, then this sport (and the UFC specifically) are growing at an incredible rate.

What do you think – is White losing influence or is the sport MMA just seeming more and more to be another sport in the pop-culture mix?


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