Addicted to TapouT brand Commercials

Posted: October 22, 2010 in Bellator, Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

I have to hand it to the TapouT crew.  They always produce top-notch commercials and as a PR guy, I typically don’t care for ads.  However, this ad just rocks.  It’s the purity of MMA in the most pure form: children. This  isn’t two ‘brutes’ it isn’t two ‘animals’ its two kids. And yes, you can see what this is ‘a sport.’  I love it.

From a marketing perspective the only thing I may have changed is the kid’s hair cut of a Mohawk. The style is true to the sport and a ‘kudo’ to pioneers like Chuck Liddell or modern fighters like Dan Hardy.  However, it may not play well in old-school America who may think it makes the kid look like ‘a punk.’  Of course, that is if you want to get picky. I don’t.

The commercial sprang from this longer ad for TapouT brand gyms.  Check this out if you want to learn more:

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