UFC 120: The Aftermath

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

This weekend was UFC 120 Bisping vs. Akiyama.  To be honest, there isn’t a main event I could be less interested in than that one.  Although both are excellent fighters, neither is in position to make a run at the title so it had little ramification for the middleweight division.  However, given the card took place in the UK, an international main event makes sense from a sales and marketing perspective.

As you likely know by now, the fight was won by Bisping in a 3 round decision and both fighters earned the $60K fight of the night bonus.  Both fighters put on a good display of stand up skills but it was not the fight worth seeing.  For me, it was Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy.

The match up of “The Natural Born Killer” and “The Outlaw” was a phenomenal one for fans.  In addition to the fact that both are extremely exciting fighters, both know how to talk up a fight and get into their opponent’s head.  However, what NO ONE would have seen coming was Condit winning by left hook KO, the calling card of Hardy himself.  That was easily the best fight of the night.  This was also the biggest win for Condit since moving from the WEC to the UFC and should put him into the upper echelon of the welterweight division. Another win over a recognizable opponent and we may see Condit once again in a championship battle.

Keeping the lights on this card was Bud Light, Affliction, BSN, Harley-Davidson, Xience, and LumberLiquidators.  UFC 120 was clearly as much of a draw to advertisers as it was to me (sigh) as the Octagon mostly comprised of UFC products including UFC.com, UFCtheStore, and UFConDemand.  In between matches, they also advertised UFC “The Ultimate Insider” web program.

However, the ad that stole the show was EA Sports MMA video game.  The game took a page right out of Dana White’s playbook and advertised during a competing program.  The UFC who is pushing their own game “UFC Undisputed 2010” had another game advertise during its program.  The extra kick to White would be seeing that the cover of the game includes UFC Hall of Famer, Randy “The Natural” Couture.


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