What MMA Can Learn from Team Coco

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media

Yes, that Team Coco.  Similar to Old Spice, another consumer brand is getting its fair credit for flaunting social media chops.  This isn’t a stunt that lasts a few days, but instead is a campaign that has progressed for several months.  I’m talking about former Tonight Show host, and Brookline MA’s favorite son, Conan O’Brien.

The fine folks at Fast Company produced the following article that I wanted to share here on a properly executed social campaign.  Yes, you’re probably arguing the success is do to Conan’s general popularity, but the truth is it has a lot to do with the focused efforts in social.  As you read this keep this in mind: Although sometimes it makes sense for a person or organization to dip their toes in the waters, other times it makes sense to go all in.

Conan O’Brien: King of Social Media, 10/12/10
By Austin Carr

When Conan O’Brien hits stage this November, he won’t be string-dancing to an empty audience. Since leaving NBC, the funnyman has amassed an army of followers under the banner of Team Coco, a band of loyal fans that has grown thanks to O’Brien’s innovative use of social media. Using almost every online tool available, from Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to Foursquare, the late night host shows that social media is a force to be reckoned with. Case in point: Conan has more than 1.7 million followers on Twitter. His arch nemesis Jay Leno? A paltry 89,689.

Here’s how Conan has dominated in the digital age.

The source of all things Conan features daily blog posts, a vibrant comment system, show tickets, and gear: a hub of Team Coco activity that also provides a home for his various social media accounts.

So when Conan finally revealed his show’s print ad [2] (seen above), he first unveiled it on TeamCoco.com, which has become a viral powerhouse.

To promote the show, TBS will be flying a enormous, bright orange blimp around the U.S. for the entire month of October. Rather than just hover above baseball stadiums, Team Coco has hooked up the craft to GPS, enabling fans to follow [3] it in real-time on Google Maps, check out a live cam on the blimp, and check out high-res images of it on Flickr [4].
And that’s not to mention Team Coco on Foursquare. Now, you can check into the Conan Blimp to earn a Conan BlimpSpotter Badge.

And promoted it in a series of commercials, re-purposed for YouTube:
Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter

Conan is a monster on Twitter, with more than 1.7 million followers, and hundreds of thousands of fans following him on Facebook and Tumblr. Conan’s tweets are some of the funniest on the Web, and when he announced his deal with TBS, his Twitter was one of the first places fans found the news, where he tweeted, among other things, “In three months I’ve gone from network television to Twitter to performing live in theater, and now I’m headed to basic cable … My plan is working perfectly.”

Conan has taken to the world’s most popular video sharing site to spread his brand. Team Coco has garnered close to 4 million views [5], with many videos getting hundreds of thousands of hits within days or weeks. What makes his YouTube streams so popular? Outside Conan’s inherent hilarity, the videos make for good watching because Team Coco hasn’t hesitated to make announcements through the channel. For example, Conan used YouTube to announce whether Andy Richter would be joining his new show. He even announced his show’s name on YouTube.

Best of all, Conan has taken cues from other social media magnets–namely, the Old Spice guy [6]–and used these various outlets to connect with fans one-on-one. Most recently, he’s been using YouTube to respond to questions that fans post on his Facebook account.
With all this social media love, we hope Conan’s show this November turns out just as delicious as this sandwich:

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