Review: Ecko MMA YouTube Channel

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media

In addition to Website reviews of MMA fighters, promotions and brands, I’ll also be looking at YouTube channels from time-to-time to see what types of videos the MMA world is pushing to you – the fans and potential customers.

This week I’m checking out the YouTube Channel for Ecko Unltd (Ecko MMA) . If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, Ecko unltd is a part of Marco Ecko Enterprises and has been around since 1993.  According to their marketing collateral: Rhinos roam the world on the backs of *ecko unltd.’s forward-thinking consumers, and its diverse brands are omnipresent in visual representations of next-generation culture: from music videos and television programs to catwalks, action sports, and video games. The “World Famous Rhino Brand” has expanded to include t-shirts, denim jeans, hoodies, footwear, watches, hats, bags, and more. For my purposes here at Mixed Marketing Arts, the Ecko brand has been sponsoring MMA fighters since 2006.

The Criteria for review:

Design:   The design is simple and easy to view.  Some channels are over produced with backgrounds that can give you a potential seizure. This is clean and to the point, a simple logo at the top and videos throughout.

Social Integration:  I have to admit this something that Ecko is doing extremely well. Each video calls out the Ecko MMA Twitter handle and the Twitter handle of the featured MMA fighter in the corner of the video.  This is great for fans that want to give shout outs – or provide retweets to video.

Interaction:  I can’t really fault Ecko for a lack of interaction as there isn’t much from fans yet on many of the videos.  But, I did think it was promising to see that they had responded to fans comments on their wall a few months back when people were actively engaging with the site.

What I liked best:
This channel should be used as an example for other brands that want to engage with fans via Youtube.  This channel is all about providing laughs to MMA fans.  There is no hard-sell of any products or a wall full of commercials.  Instead, fans are greeted with interviews, training clips, Kurt Pellegrino answering fan questions in the shower (a la Old Spice) or this little gem from Miguel Torres that puts Terry Tate Office Line backer to shame:

What I liked least: Nothing.  I love this channel and plan on visiting it more regularly.  Nice work, Ecko.

Overall rating: 5/5

To view the full channel please visit:   Check it out and let me know what you thought of their edits.

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