UFC 119: The Aftermath

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Marketing, UFC

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*All photos are from Yahoo! sports or UFC.com

Despite my excitement for Mir vs Cro Cop, I did not order this PPV card.  Although I’m a huge Frank Mir fan, outside of Matt Hughes, there are few fighters that will draw me out for a PPV that does not include a title fight on it.  (*Hint: Bisbing v Akiyama would not be on my wish list of must-sees either which is likely why it will air on SPIKE TV.)

Since I did not see this card, I can’t give my usual breakdown of the marketing power behind it. But thankfully, due to the coverage of the pre-fight press conference by Yahoo!’s Cagewriter blog, I did get this PR gem from Mirko Cro Cop.  In a world of unnecessary trash talking in order to hype fights, Cro Cop noted:

“I think I should be respectful of fighters. This sport is brutal enough itself. I don’t think you should say stupid statements or should act like savages. At the end of the day, [Frank Mir] is my brother in arms,” Filipovic said. “There’s no anger. I will do my best to beat him. I expect him to do the same. I see no place for insulting each other. I have never done it.”

Now that we have that perfect sound bite on the record, let’s see what the results of this card means for the UFC:

Frank Mir vs. Mirko Cro Cop:  Mir is still a threat to the heavyweight division.  With another quality win under his belt we may see the must desired rubber match of Mir vs. Lesnar III.  I’d like to see his next fight be against a young threat, but I have a feeling the UFC will shelve Mir until Antonio Nogueira is well and ready for his rematch with Mir.

Rogerio Nogueira vs Ryan Bader: Bader continues to prove he is the real deal.  Although he may not have finished the fight, a decision win – is still a win.  We’ll have to see another test thrown Bader’s way before he is considered for any talks of title contention.  Personally, with his wrestling and striking pedigree I’d like to see him face someone like Rich Franklin or Forrest Griffin to truly test his skills.

Sean Sherk vs Evan Dunam: If anyone doubted Sean Sherk, please take note that the “Muscle Shark” is still here.  In a division now known for dominate wrestlers, its nice to see the original model still has some kick in the engine.  I hope with another win, Sherk will be moved back into title contention.  Much like other aging wrestlers like Randy Couture and Matt Hughes, I have a feeling that Sherk has a lot more in the tank left to offer fans and his competition for years to come.

Matt Serra vs. Chris Lytle: Although fun for fans of The Ultimate Fighter Season 4: “The Comeback,” this fight did not hold much in terms of implications for the welterweight division.  Unless GSP loses the belt sometime soon, Serra is not in consideration for a title fight anytime this decade.  And, although Lytle got the win – he also is not someone that will drive PPV numbers or get people’s butts in a seat for a live event.  This is a shame, because I like Lytle and think he is a beast of a fighter.  At the very least, I hope we’ll see him headline a UFC Fight Night in the coming months.

For those that ordered the PPV or were watching live in Indy, what did I miss?

  1. Evan says:

    I didn’t watch either, but heard Dunham got robbed by the judges (even Dana White was pretty adamant about that). Given that this was his first loss, and it was pretty suspect, I think he’ll remain in the mix and will be getting another stiff challenge next. Maybe one of the lightweight winners from UFN 22? Since Sherk’s much older and has already lost to Edgar and Penn, Dunham seems to have more marketing promise going forward.

    • Thanks for the comment Evan. I agree that Dunham will be back and given Dana’s interest in him – likely in a quick turnaround. Sherk is getting up in age, but I don’t think they’ll shelve him. They’ll want to cash in on “the muscle shark” while they still can. There is only one Randy Couture – but they will keep trying to find others.

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