Shamrock MMA goes Virtual: Flip Cam News Coverage

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Uncategorized

I came across this video yesterday after seeing it on Twitter from Frank Shamrock.  In the above video we see MMA legend, Frank Shamrock announce some recent issues with his MMA headquarters.  This post isn’t about the content of the video (I’ll leave that to legal teams) but the concept behind it.

Frank is doing what we try to get companies to do all the time – use video to get news out there quickly and easily.  This video is a little over a minute and you get the update straight from the horse’s mouth!

The fear of many people is the ‘unfinished’ or ‘unprofessional’ feel of this type of video.  I for one, prefer this over something that is highly edited and may come across as staged/overly planned.

Some reasons to consider doing more types of posts like this one from Frank:

  • Quick Way to Get  Your News Out;
  • Sharable. This video can be posted via Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
  • Gives that ‘insider’ feel to Viewers;
  • Personal Touch. Its You, not someone else;
  • Visual. Let’s be honest – these days people want, and need, to be stimulated.
    (The same for the above can translate to videos shot on smart phones)

What do you think – to flip or not to flip?


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