Finally, A Strikeforce fight worth watching: Hendo v Babalu

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce

Photo from Sherdog

Despite my sarcastic tone with 99.9% of my STRIKEFORCE posts, I do wish the promotion well. I want them to get their act together and be another venue for MMA fans to see great cards and fights. Based on their continued desire to sign former stars, this may never actually happen.

The recent rumor is that another former UFC/Pride ‘battle royal’ is on the agenda: Dan Henderson v. Renato Sobral. I’m actually good with this fight, I like both fighters and I think it is a worthwhile fight for fans. Both fighters have strong wrestling pedigrees and then each bring something to the table – Henderson his strong left hand and Sobral his vicious submission game.

A break down of both fighters:

Photo via Sherdog

Dan “Hendo” Henderson 25 – 8 – 0*
Wins: 11 (T)KOs
1 Submissions
13 Decisions

Renato “Babalu” Sobral36 – 8 – 0*
Wins: 5 (T)KOs
18 Submissions
13 Decisions

This fight makes sense for STRIKEFORCE. It provides two names that fans want to see and sets the stage to push either fighter back into title contention. A win for “Hendo” validates STRIKEFORCE for bringing him over after the loss to Shields. Another win over another credible contender and STRIKEFORCE/CBS/Showtime maybe able to do some serious promotion around his time with the organization. A win for Sobral should throw him back toward his former title and help remind fans what a force he is in the fight game. Sobral is a dedicated fighter but is often only remembered for his losses to Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell.

My take: I’m a sucker for the submission game. Despite a mean left and superior wrestling, if this fight goes to the ground (and it will) Babalu is taking the victory via submission. This will be a 3 round war ending mid-round. Who do you want to see win, and who should the winner face next?

*Stats from

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