The Big Three Series: Twitter

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Bellator, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

Now that we explored the websites of The UFC, STRIKEFORCE and Bellator I’m going to take a dive into their Twitter programs and see who is using this platform the best in order to reach their target audience – you the fans.  Although there are a lot of individual fighters (like @KurtPellegrino) and promoters (like @DanaWhite) that use Twitter extremely well, I wanted to see how the organizations’ corporate handles ranked.

If anyone is still trying to figure out how to use Twitter, I suggest you check out this earlier post. (However, keep in mind that Twitter is rolling out updates and they may cause me to have to update this.) Otherwise, let’s dive in and see what is happening in the MMA world.

Handles: @UFC@strikeforce@BellatorMMA

Handle Operators:
Unknown.  Each handle is labeled as the promotion’s official handle, but does not identify who is operating on behalf the MMA company.  My guess is someone in the marketing department.

(As of 9/17/10) UFC: 155, 286 ; Strikeforce: 13, 754; Bellator: 6,736.

Page Design:

  • UFC:   The design, much like the website, is very crisp and easy to read for followers.  Based on the top part of the page, I’d venture a guess that the fine folks in marketing made sure there was a consistent look and feel to this page to match the website.
  • STRIKEFORCE: Not a bad looking page, but does not really grab your attention. It is branded with strikeforce logos, so it is an upgrade from a blank page or a simple color scheme.
  • Bellator: Hello Morticia Adams.  This page is very dark, gloomy and well…boring.  The page is a simple black, somewhat faded, background.  Although from a consistency standpoint it looks to be similar to the website, it does leave some room for improvement in terms of design.

Corporate Use:

  • UFC:  The UFC is a prime example of how to use Twitter.  The handle promotes UFC specific activities, promotes MMA news from a variety of media outlets, offers polls,  responds to fans and fighters alike, and also issues Twitter-specific contests and give-aways.
  • STRIKEFORCE: This organization uses the handle as a newsfeed for its own promotions and is a RT-marathon of its corporate partners’ updates.  It is better than some company handles, but could certainly use some personality.
  • Bellator:  This is solely a Bellator news feed.  There is no other use of the handle other than to provide updates (sometimes play-by-play) of its fights.


  • UFC: This is off the charts and I love it.  The handle interacts directly with fans, fighters, and media alike.  This is a great example of what I tell clients they should be doing with this social media platform.  Kudos to the UFC for taking the time to do this right.
  • STRIKEFORCE:  The organization is using the RT function to share news from its partners, which is great, but has minimal actual interaction.  I saw a few examples of reaching out to fighters and fans, but this was few and far in between.
  • Bellator: 0%  This needs to be stepped up, or the handle needs to shut down.

Overall Ranking:
No surprises here.  1st Place: UFC; 2nd Place: STRIKEFORCE; 3rd Place: Bellator.  The UFC is doing a great job with its Twitter presence and I look forward to seeing where they go next.

Room for Improvement:
All three handles could be more transparent in who is the operator.  This tends to provide a “human” feel to the handle and goes a long way with the Twitterverse.  Out of the Big Three, Bellator needs the most improvement.  My advice, stop being a self-serving news feed and interact with the world!

Agree or disagree with anything I’ve said here? Let me know @trochman

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