Clash of the Titans: Mir vs. Cro Cop

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Anyone that thought that the only good heavyweight battle for the year would be Lesnar/Carwin can think again.  I know I am a little behind in covering this, but I am very excited for this month’s battle between former heavyweight champion Frank Mir and Former Pride Grand Prix winner, Mirko Cro Cop.

This fight excites me more than any other in the heavyweight division for the sheer “styles make fights” aspect.  Mir is one of the elite ground fighters for the big men. His submissions are slick, and his battle plans (outside of Carwin) have been meticulous.  Cro Cop is – to this day – still one of the most dangerous strikers in MMA.

Let’s look at the break down:

Mir Wins*:
2 (T)KOs
8 Submissions
2 Decisions
1 Other

Cro Cop Wins*:
20 (T)KOs
4 Submissions
3 Decisions

This is a tough fight for both fighters.  The stats speak for themselves, if Mir tries to “stand and bang” he will be put to sleep.  And although Cro Cop’s ground game is ever improving, if he goes to the ground with Mir he will go home with one less limb than he came in with.
This fight has huge implications for the UFC. A win for Mir gets him one step closer to his goal of a rematch with UFC champion Brock Lesnar.  The series is now 1-1 and a rubber match could make the UFC a lot of money. (See the Liddell-Couture trilogy or Shamrock-Ortiz for further proof).  A victory for Cro Cop would finally validate him as a legit heavyweight threat again.  Since coming over from Pride his record has been spotty and he has not been viewed as the same dominate athlete he once was.  A victory over Mir would silence any and all critics.

My prediction: This is tough.  I really like both fighters a lot.  Although I like Cro Cop, I do think Mir is a better rounded fighter and will have a good battle plan going in.  My official prediction is a submission victory at the end of the first round for Mir.

*Stats from

  1. I agree with your analysis on this one. As much as I enjoy Mirko Cro Cop’s highlight reel of Pride fights – I just don’t see Mir choosing to make this a standup war. It simply doesn’t make sense given his substantial advantage on the ground. I think Mir will submit Cro Cop in the first round. However, I can confidently say that Cro Cop (as a legitimate world class fighter) will not look anywhere near as foolish on the ground as James “I love IHOP pancakes” Toney recently did in his Octagon debut. Someone needs to buy that man a George Foreman grill.

  2. […] my excitement for Mir vs Cro Cop, I did not order this PPV card.  Despite being a huge Frank Mir fan, outside of […]

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