Is MMA MainStream? No.

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

As much as I’d love to say it is, it would be a bit premature.  What makes me ask this question? The fine folks at Bleacher/Report wrote a piece yesterday that caught my eye.  The article is entitled “MMA: When Do We Consider It Mainstream?” They argue that the time is here and now.  And if you check out the article, they make a lot of valid points… as to why the UFC is mainstream – not MMA.  This sport still has a long way to go. The UFC Marketing machine has done a great job to promote itself and is –in my opinion – single handedly responsible for how far MMA has come in the eyes of general sports fans, brand-name advertisers and the media.

However, this does not mean the entire sport is mainstream yet.  Unfortunately, when discussing a MMA you still hear this from non-fans:

  • That stuff is brutal
  • Those guys are animals
  • That is the stuff with no rules rights?
  • That’s like the WWE right?
  • etc

And, you hear this from ignorant ‘fans’:

  • There isn’t enough blood
  • The Ground game is boring, stand them up
  • Chants of USA, USA when neither fighter is from the U.S
  • etc

When there is a beat writer/reporter at every outlet, and the general public understands the sport the way they can Football, Baseball, etc – then I’ll consider this sport mainstream.  It is a day I look forward to, I just don’t think its today.

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