Website Review: The new

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media

Don’t think because the The Big 3 Series on websites is over that the marketer in me will be resting on this subject altogether.  No-sir-ee.  Today we look at the recently updated American Fighter website.  For those new to the sport, American Fighter is a clothing brand from former UFC middleweight champion (and PR machine) Rich Franklin.

Let’s see how the new site stacks up.

Site Address:

The Criteria for review:

Design/Ease-of-Use: The site is very crisp.  The old site was a bit clunky and very – I hate to say it – 1.0.  This new site is very visual and will be easy on fans’ eyes who poke around.  It is very similar to how the new is set and could very well have the same designer based on Franklin’s deep involvement with that promotion.  The navigation bar at the top is very easy to use and can direct fans to wherever they want to go. The old site had much of its info buried throughout, so this is a vast improvement.

Multi-Media: The site has definitely kicked this aspect of its content up a notch. There are now a collection of videos and many more photo albums for fans to comb through. The photos stretch beyond fight nights and showcase why Franklin is such a fan favorite.

Social Integration: The site links to its Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages.  However, the links are at the bottom of the screen and easy to miss.  Overall, not the most integrated website.  But not the worse either.

Interaction: A cool feature outside of the normal social outlets, is that does offer its own online community.  This is certainly something a lot of large brands do but not something typically offered by smaller clothing brands.  Good move by Franklin here.  This community allows fans to interact across a network of blogs.

According to the site, The new social community was designed for YOU to get in here and interace with fighters and other fans, and to give you a place to talk about American Fighter apparel, culture, fighters, and all-things MMA and UFC.

If you were a member at the previous site, we have imported your profile and extended your expiration date – consider it a gift for getting in on the ground floor with us.  Please take a moment to fill out your profile, connect your twitter account, and upload a profile photo.  You should be receiving your new login information shortly.

If you’re new to the community, welcome!  We’ll be dropping the latest news about new apparel, fighters we sponsor, training tips from Rich Franklin and others, exclusive sneak peeks of new designs, and a ton more.

This is very cool.  However, I’m not sure how personnel interact here as I do not have access to the blog comments without being a registered member.

What I liked best: The online community addition.  This will be key to many brands in the next 2-5 years so it is great to see American Fighter start the path early.

What I liked least: The fact that blog comments are hidden unless you register for the community. I agree that only registered members should be allowed to leave comments, but once left anyone should be able to read them.

Overall rating: 4/5

What do you think of the new American Fighter site?

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