Another STRIKEFORCE “Star” Falls

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Strikeforce

From Yahoo! sports

I’ve written a few times here about STRIKEFORCE’s failed attempts at using a ‘Name’ versus growing talent.  Well, here we go again.  This weekend their latest “big thing” failed to impress while in the spotlight.  Former WWE personality (please revisit ‘You are not Brock Lesnar’) Bobby Lashley left the Toyota Center in Houston in an ambulance following his second-round technical knockout loss to Chad Griggs on Saturday’s “STRIKEFORCE Houston.”

I didn’t watch the fight, but according to all reports Lashley dominated much of the action against Griggs, a virtual unknown fighter. However, he ultimately sustained a cut under his left eye when Griggs popped him with a well-timed uppercut on an attempted takedown and gassed out as the fight deepened. Lashley would be stopped via TKO in the second round.

Once again, as a marketer I ask – what is STRIKEFORCE thinking?  Stop trying to bring in fans with gimmicks and quick pops and grow some talent that will bring in long term fans, big brands willing to invest – and ultimately provide the lifeblood of the organization.  Look at the UFC, it didn’t happen overnight but it did happen.

Am I being too harsh? Do you think STRIKEFORCE has any homegrown fighters worth watching or will this organization go the way of Affliction?

  1. To be honest, I did not see the fights either. However, all of the reports that I have read speak to your points about making poor decisions in terms of wwe style “pushes” (promotions) of fighters based on name/star power and not necessarily mma pedigree. I think that Bobby Lashley has now taken a substantial step back in his mma career in terms of fights on the horizon. In fact, my opinion is that this loss will very likely lead to the debacle of Bautista vs. Lashley on an upcoming Strikeforce event which in my opinion is lose/lose for Lashley as a win will do very little in providing forward momentum in his career and a loss would be catastrophic. I think that if he decides to truly commit himself 100% to mma and completely divorces himself from his pro wrestling career, be it in TNA or elsewhere, he could have a promising career if he addresses and fixes some of the gaps that were exposed in his last fight. He has a good amateur wrestling background and I just can’t understand how he did not submit or finish when he was able to take down Griggs in the first rounds. Nor can I understand how he could have been so dehydrated and exhausted in round three based on a weight cut given his background in amateur wrestling. Perhaps, the cut he sustained really rocked him psychologically and is something he will be more prepared for in his future bouts. I’d like to see him do well but I agree with your “he’s no Brock Lesnar” analysis.

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