The Expendables: Couture Good, Film – Not So Much

Posted: August 23, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

As I’ve looked at MMA movies and MMA stars in Movies, this post should be of no surprise.  What is a surprise however, is the review.  For months I’ve been looking forward to the movie “The Expendables.” It seemed to have everthing I wanted in a movie. All of my favorite 80’s/90’s action heroes (Check), the promise of big action scenes (Check),  and the potential of a multitude of one-liners (check).  You add up all of these checks and the fact that Randy Couture, an MMA legend, is in the mix and I had to go see this movie.

Unfortunately, Randy is the only saving grace of this movie.  The action scenes were far too few, the plot mixed in some unnecessary love lines, and the one liners didn’t really add up to anything I’d want to be caught quoting in public.  Commando, Rambo, Die Hard – they all gave you that line or two you love to quote with your buddies.  You won’t find that in The Expendables – unless you are a member of the Mystery Science Theater cast…

Although he’ll never win an Emmy, Randy Couture was able to hold his own in this action movie.  His dialogue came across clean and his moves well-choreographed.  What is great for fans is that MMA love was certainly shown in this movie.  Without ruining plot for anyone venturing to see this film:

  • Both Nogueira brothers made cameo appearances;
  • Randy’s cauliflower ear is addressed;
  • We see an arm bar or two during fight scenes;
  • A well-executed Superman punch makes its way into a fight scene;
  • And, we finally see the MMA vs. WWE battle on screen as Randy locks horns with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Although I may not have liked this movie as much as The A-Team remake, I am happy that Randy Couture – like Quentin Jackson – was able to showcase that MMA stars can transition nicely to action movies.

Who do you think will be the next MMA warrior to take on Hollywood?

  1. Amanda says:

    You’re not a member of the Mystery Science Theater cast?

  2. […] look forward to watching Randy in this next phase of his MMA career.  Through movies, training younger fighters and potential guest commentary on PPVs – The Natural will reach fans […]

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