Mass MMA: Bestway Jiu Jitsu II

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR

Continuing the “Mass MMA” series, today I’ll be looking at another chapter of the Bestway Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu family.  Not long ago I was fortunate enough to interview Ryan Korzeniowski of the Rockland branch, this week we speak with Mike DeLuca who teaches not only at Rockland but also Dorchester and Taunton, MA as well.

Name: Mike DeLuca

Martial Art Form(s)/Number of Years of Study:
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – 7 years

Why do you study martial arts?
Martial arts is the only thing in the world that ever just felt ‘right’ to me.  When I am grappling and I get in the zone – I think of nothing else.  For that moment in time, I am free of all my problems.  There are few things in life that can promise you the same feeling.

What do you like about Mixed Martial Arts?  What – if anything – would change about it if you could?
Absolutely nothing.  I think MMA is great.  To me, it is the best sport from a pure form of competition standpoint.  Nothing else out in the sports world can beat it.

What do you think UFC 118 will mean for New England MMA?

I think UFC 118 will show that New England has some serious talent that can compete with the best the world has to offer.  After this event think New England MMA will be come much more mainstream among sports fans in the greater Boston area.

As a sneak peek for MMA fans, any young talent at your school you’d like to call out as the next big thing?
Bob Burtou who trains with us in the Wakefield school is someone you should certainly keep an eye to.

If someone was looking to get into martial arts, give them one reason why they should consider your school.

Bestway is more than my school, they are my family.  My teacher and my training partners are all my brothers and sisters. When I am at the school, I feel like am at home.  In fact, I can honestly say I feel more at home when my team than I do in my ‘real home.’ Not many schools can boast that same feeling.

Are you using any social media tools to promote your school (Twitter, Facebook, etc)?
Me personally, no.  But our school can be found on both Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook:  and


For more information on Bestway BJJ check out and check out


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