What Entrance Music Says About You

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Bellator, Marketing, PR, Strikeforce, UFC

There are certain things you don’t think about when it comes to a fight. You definitely think about strategies, your opponent’s weaknesses, how you want to get in his/her head…but have you thought about your entrance music?  Sounds stupid, but you should put some thought into it.

Music is the universal language.   The song you come out to tells fans – and your opponent – a little about yourself.  At a base level it tells what kind of music you like, on a deeper level it may show how amped up you are and where your mind-set is.  You have a bad ass song, they know you are a bad man and someone not to be messed with.  You have a funny song, you may be telling them you just plain don’t fear them.

Great walk out music by MMA vets:

Songs I like to think I’d come out to if I entered the Octagon:

Songs my friends would pick for me when I am not looking:
Why Can’t we be friends?” by War
Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats
It’s Raining Men” by Weather Girls

What song would you come out to?

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    Actually, I wonder what music choices Dana White and the UFC have said no to. I can’t imagine a fighter getting pumped up and saying “yeah – this is it!” This is the song I want to come out to and then having Dana look at them and say – “NO, not going to happen kid.” You know it has to have happened at some point. Also, I would have you coming out to the theme song of the Boondock Saints.

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