I’ll Take Joe Rogan over Joe Buck Any Day

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Marketing, UFC

Random post? Perhaps.  But this epiphany hit me over the weekend.

Like most American males, I’m a crazed sports fanatic.  When I’m not obsessing over MMA and writing this blog, I’m glued to America’s past time of baseball.  However, whenever I watch any ball games not located on a local Boston network I’m always annoyed by the commentators.  National broadcasters are never neutral, never educated on teams and frankly spend most of the broadcast talking about themselves.  They drive me nuts and make me wonder why I don’t just watch all sports on ‘mute.’

Enter Joe Rogan.

Anyone still making Fear Factor or News radio jokes when Joe Rogan hits the mic during UFC events haven’t been paying enough attention over the years.  Not only is Joe Rogan perhaps one of the best color commentators in sports, he has been great for MMA. Now who knows, this may be because he is the equivalent of local sports commentator.  He eats, sleeps and breaths the UFC.  However, if you are listening to him than you know he is actually a huge fan of MMA and is familiar with fighters around the world who fight for other organizations.

Let’s take a deeper dive.  As a commentator, Joe Rogan:

  • Knows what he is talking about –  Unlike many commentators – including previous UFC commentators – Rogan knows MMA in and out.  He can call out specific submissions and discuss a variety of martial arts styles with ease.  There is no pretending, there is not pompous attitude.  Just the facts.
  • Relatively Neutral in his calls – For the most part, Rogan never takes sides while calling a fight.  Outside of Machida/Rua I, I don’t think I’ve ever heard him calling a one sided fight.  Rogan always discusses the fight as it is happening without letting his fandom of particular fighters intrude on the calls.
  • Shows no Frustration with “Goldie” –  Ok, maybe I should say shows minimum frustration. Mike Goldberg is a good dude.  You can tell in his commentary that he is an earnest guy and likes his job.  He doesn’t however, always know what is going on, what he is talking about or what the facts are.  Despite this, Rogan has yet to slap him in a guillotine choke and broadcast the remainder of a card on his own. This is a patience we can all respect.
  • Relates to the common man –  Joe Rogan will never be PC.  He calls the fights as he sees them and his comments will always be colorful.  This quality will always ensure the “average Joe” will always like this Joe.  We’ll never have to worry about Mr Rogan suddenly becoming Dennis Miller on the microphone…

What do you think of Rogan as a commentator?

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    Joe Rogan offers the perfect mix of knowledge about MMA in general, the fighters, striking and especially grappling techniques, cage strategy and appropriate humor. He constantly does an excellent job of not only explaining what is happening in the cage at that instant but also in explaining to the “average Joe” fans what techinques are being set up or what potential techniques can flow from a particular position (i.e. when he explains that in the transition to side mount fighter X seems to be leaving his left arm tucked to set up a darce choke etc.). He is also fair in his assessment of fans as well. When he thinks the crowd is booing because they don’t understand the intricacies of ground fighting and are just looking for a “stand and bang” fight he calls them on it. And let’s face it – he’s a damn good comedian too – we all know what BJ Penn is going to say when that post-fight mic is placed in front of him but Rogan knows hearing “Go to BJPenn.com!” is comedic in and of itself. Plus, he hasn’t gogoplata’d Goldie … yet.

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