Does NBC Have the Next TUF on its Hands?

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Marketing

Although I don’t make it a habit of paying attention to rumors, this one did catch my eye.  Late last week a number of MMA blogs covered the above trailer noting that the new MMA program would be part of the NBC fall line up.

I’m not sure if this is actually true but it certainly opens up a number of doors for the women of MMA.  SPIKE’s The Ultimate Fighter created a series of name brand fighters and helped brand the UFC as THE MMA authority.  It also created an advertising blitzkrieg that UFC is still reaping benefits of.   Will this new show be the new TUF or will it be like STRIKEFORCE on CBS?  Either way, let’s see if lightning can strike twice….

  1. Ryan Korzeniowski says:

    These women are tremendous athletes and deserve the opportunity to showcase their talent as MMA fighters. It will be interesting to see how the programming decisions and marketing for this show plays out. I think that a lot of people forget that T.U.F. season one made a very good programming decision by placing their show immediately after WWE’s Monday Night Raw crafting a springboard into the WWE audience demographic (bringing in new “casual” fans throughout the season). As Dana White often attests, the spectacular finish of Bonnar v. Griffin I changed the face of the UFC and created a paradigm shift in MMA. As a fan of MMA I hope to see the sport succeed and expand in a variety of facets and this is another opportunity for that to happen.

  2. […] countless organizations, stars and promoters.  Women, however, have yet to really break though – and not for lack of trying.  There are plenty of people with an opinion on women’s MMA, mine is that it simply needs a few […]

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