The Big 3 Series: Websites Part II

Posted: July 22, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce

With so much going on in the world of MMA this series took a back seat, but I’m back on track and in this second installment of “The Big 3 Series,” will be looking at the STRIKEFORCE website.  As I said before, as more businesses move online the website becomes less of a checkmark and more of a crucial piece of any communication strategy.

Site Address:

The Criteria for review:

Design/Ease-of-Use: I like this site a lot.  It is very clean, very professional-looking site.  More importantly, it is easy to use.  The navigation bar at the top will lead you anywhere you need to go and the homepage provides access to recent news, upcoming events and video interview segments.

Multi-Media: The site offers a great deal for fight fans.  What I was impressed with was the video content.  They have focused on providing a lot of video interviews which are great for fans to dive into the personalities of their athletes.  The site does offer pretty clean fighter profiles as well.  The one area that was lacking would be photos.  I couldn’t find any fighter, event or weigh-in shots. (Unless I missed them and then I’ll have to revise my easy to navigate comment.  There were pics of the ring girls of course….

Social Integration: Much like Bellator, STRIKEFORCE’s site had a lot of social integration which I liked.  The site linked directly to their Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and Youtube accounts.  There is a blog – somewhat – as certain articles are marked as blog posts vs. articles.  These pieces do provide the opportunity to comment and showcase when posts have been retweeted by fans.

Interaction: 0. Similar to Bellator, I did not see any engagement on the site.  The only time I saw STRIKEFORCE involvement in the comment streams was the organization’s Twitter handle reposting news.

What I liked best: The site does a great job in posting its media coverage and has a slick integration with its social platforms.  I liked seeing its Twitter feed and its Facebook snapshot.

What I liked least: The things I liked most are buried at the bottom of the home page.  I think if the news and Twitter feed were more front-and-center it could showcase how much media/fan traction this organization is actually garnering.

What do you think of the STRIKEFORCE site?

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