Falling on the Shield(s)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in Marketing, PR, UFC

Oddly enough, a week or so ago I wrote about the fact that Jake Shields signing with the UFC would never cause the same buzz that Lebron James did with the Miami Heat.  Don’t worry, it still hasn’t.  However, it certainly has a lot of people talking – and not for the right reasons.

A lot of fans are complaining that this is not worth the effort of the UFC and that Shields is a ‘boring,’ one-dimensional fighter.   Before I just blatantly cry out ‘Erroneous!’ in my best Vince Vaughan impression, let’s look at why this is a great pick-up for the UFC:

  • The Pedigree – See the bottom part of this post for statistics/fighter history.
  • The All-American, Vegan boy – That’s right.  He’s vegan. Although I like my meals with at least two meats (perhaps stuffed into one another), I can respect the fact that Shields has selected a healthier eating style.  More importantly, having this type of fighter in the roster opens the UFC up to potential marketing opportunities with organizations that may otherwise be disgusted by the fight game – like PETA.
  • Two Weight Classes to Market – Shields can fight at welterweight and middleweight.  This gives the UFC a larger array of interesting match ups to put in front of fans.  Similar to Dan Henderson, we may get the opportunity to see Shields challenge for two different belts during his UFC run. And for the UFC more title fights mean more PPV buys and more large-name advertisers.

For those new to Jake Shields, here are previously promised Stats:

Record 25 – 4 – 1*
3 TKOs
10 Submissions
12 Decisions

  • He is the former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion.
  • He is the last Rumble on the Rock 175 lb (79 kg) champion.
  • He is the first and last Elite XC Welterweight Champion.
  • He is also the former Shooto Middleweight Champion and Shooto America’s & Pacific Rim Champion.
  • He is a former Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion.
  • He is a former Midwest Fighting Superfight Champion.
  • He is a former U.A.G.F. Fighting North American Champion.
  • He took 3rd at 2005 ADCC World Submission Championships.
  • He is the Pan American 2005 Jii Jitsu Champion.
  • He is a Pan Am Submission Advance Champion.
  • He is a 3X Grapplers Quest Advance Champion.
  • He is a former Calif. Professional Absolute Champion.
  • He has trained extensively with Cesar Gracie, which includes training with fellow Gracie students Dave Terrell, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez.
  • He has victories over Diego Sanchez, Jon Fitch, Dan Henderson, Robbie Lawler, Jason Miller, and Yushin Okami among others.

Anyone out there still want to argue why Shields shouldn’t be in the UFC or considered a top MMA acquisition?

*Stats via Sherdog

  1. […] For fans still unaware of Shields pedigree and only knowing him as a Strikeforce fighter, it nicely showcases that he has won gold pretty much anywhere he has competed.  For those that need a reminder, check out: Falling on the Shield(s), 7/21/10. […]

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