What MMA Can Learn from Old Spice

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Bellator, Marketing, PR, Social Media, Strikeforce, UFC

No, this isn’t a hygiene related post.

By now you may have heard about Old Spice’s recent social media blitz.  The folks over at Old Spice hired a team of marketers and writers this week to produce 100+ short comedic YouTube videos about Old Spice. In almost real-time, they responded to fans who wrote in via Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and a variety of blogs.

Old Spice and actor Isaiah Mustafa (‘the man your man should smell like’) seeded various social networks with an invitation to ask questions of Mustafa’s character.  All responses were tracked and users who contributed interesting questions and/or were high-profile people on social networks are being responded to directly and by name in short, funny YouTube videos.  The group has made videos in response to Demi Moore, Twitter, The Huffington Post and Alyssa Milano among others.  What I appreciated most about this is that the program didn’t just target celebrities it also targeted brands, media outlets, and yes – even us common Joes.

To view the series of ads please visit the Old Spice Youtube Channel.

As I have repeated over and over here on this blog, the MMA world is better at social media than just about anyone else. Although you never want to be a “Me Too” in marketing, I would love to see something of this scale reproduced by one of “The Big Three.”  Based on resources and follower numbers it would most likely be the UFC, however you have to wonder what kind of impact this sort of activity could have for brands like STRIKEFORCE and Bellator who are looking to really ‘break out.’

As I was thinking this over I wondered about the personalities in the MMA world and who could be brought in to fill in for Isaiah Mustafa in this type of activity.  The three that brought the biggest smile to myself was:

  • Jason “Mayhem”Miller – If his interviews, Twitter stream and blogs posts are any indication of his charisma and humor, “Mayhem” would be a top choice to pursue this kind of mult-platform response to fans.  The only concern would be if he turned the outreach into “Project Mayhem” and released his aptly named “Mayhem Monkeys” loose on the world…
  • George St Pierre – “Rush” would of course be the true numero uno pick for any advertiser looking to pursue an MMA spokesperson for this type of activity.  GSP is respectful, eloquent, a good lookin’ fella’ for the ladies, and his accent would be ideal to hear a variety of humorous phrases.    
  • Anderson Silva – The idea of “The Spider” pursuing this would crack me up due to his known dislike for participating in the media.  I envision a series of response videos where he just stares into the camera, saying nothing in the superman pose with a bright pink shirt.  The stare is clearly saying, “You got something to say? I didn’t think so…”

What did you think of the Old Spice campaign?  Who from the MMA world would you follow in a similar campaign?

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