Want Rich Franklin’s Cast?

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Marketing, UFC

As I said in an earlier post, that Rich Franklin is PR gold.  I’ve been slacking in keeping up with his site, but low and behold on a recent visit I came across a very interesting update.  Rich is now raffling off the cast he received from fighting Chuck Liddell at UFC 115 for charity.  Although I haven’t seen a social media push here, it is certainly a cause worth promoting.
According to Rich’s website:

During UFC 115, Rich Franklin broke his arm to Chuck Liddell in the main event. It was a great battle between two warriors. Rich has decided to raffle off his cast for Breast Cancer. Our foundation, Keep it in the Ring, will host the raffle on this site and donate all of the proceeds of this raffle to the Susan G. Komen foundation to help aid in the cure for breast cancer.

Rich’s cast is currently still on his arm and has been signed by Chuck Liddell. Rich will also sign the cast once it is removed from his arm and the Grand Prize for this raffle will receive the cast with the signatures of Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin on it. There will be 8 prizes available for this drawing and include the following:

Grand Prize:
The Cast Rich Franklin is wearing in picture

Runner Up Winners:
Limited edition Mouth Piece signed by Rich w/ display case and Certificate of Authenticity (there are 2 of these prizes available valued at $199 ea.)
; Signed tee shirt from Rich Franklin (there are 2 of these prizes available valued at $50 ea); or a, Signed Rich Franklin 8×10 picture (there are 3 of these prizes available valued at $20 ea)

UPDATE: Rich’s cast is off and the raffle will continue til the end of July.

For eligibility and raffle tickets, please visit: www.americanfighter.com

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