When I’ll know MMA has Truly Made it

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Marketing, PR, Social Media

We are now six days passed “The Decision” event of Lebron James and yet, people are still discussing the move of James from Cleveland to Miami.   This should not be world news and should certainly not warrant a 60-minute, ego-building special on ESPN followed by the full arena debut of the newly dubbed “Three Kings.”  However, it definitely speaks volumes to the level of interest in Lebron by the media and the public’s interest in the NBA.

This is how I will know when MMA has made it:  When a fighter’s decision to choose one promotion over another has the entire world on the edge of its seat.  Think about all the ‘attention’ that goes to whether Fedor will ever move to the UFC – it pales in comparison.  What if Jake Shield’s decision to leave STRIKEFORCE had warranted this type of event? Can you imagine if fans, marketers and competing fighters were all clamoring to find out where Shields would wind up and actually tuned in for a broadcast of his decision?

Will this ever happen? Not in my lifetime, but here’s to the future…

  1. […] or so ago I wrote about the fact that Jake Shields signing with the UFC would never cause the same buzz that Lebron James did with the Miami Heat.  Don’t worry, it still hasn’t.  However, it certainly has a lot of […]

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