KnockOut Sportsworld: Good or Bad for MMA?

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Local MMA, Marketing

This weekend I caught a small marathon of the show “Knockout Sportsworld” on SPIKE TV.  This doesn’t appear to be a SPIKE original program like Deadliest Warrior, 1000 ways to die or even Half-Pint Brawlers.  I’m fairly certain it is just a program they may have one syndication rights for.  What is the show? Well, according to the program:

It’s the most electrifying action in sports…the mesmerizing moment of impact known as the knock out! From a rage in the ring…to carnage in the cage… whether a player is put down on ice…or a big baller gets slam dunked! Knockout Sportsworld brings you the most spectacular knockouts from the world of sports, and celebrates the athletes who’ve taken their hits on the way to the top! On Knockout Sportsworld you don’t have to search for the action, we throw it right in your face. Knockout Sportsworld has all the jabs, hits, combinations and collisions jammed packed into one exciting show

In short, it’s a program to watch people get knocked out.   One the one hand, I do like the ability to see MMA events from around the country showcased.  However, on the other hand,  given the focus of the program it may hurt MMA growth as it only appeals to the lowest common denominator fan (the knock out seeker) instead of the true fans of martial arts.

Another problem with this program is what it will showcase:

  • The low caliber MMA promotions that take place.  These are not UFC/STRIKEFORCE level events.  They look like local charity wrestling events at the Elks club.
  • The low caliber athletes.  These are not the world’s elite MMA fighters and don’t always showcase the skills that make MMA so exciting to watch.

Will this show hurt or help the growth of the MMA? Only time will tell.

For local show times check out: SPIKE TV schedule.

  1. Steve says:

    who ever wrote this article is retarded KNOCK OUTS are BAD ASS no matter where it comes from foo!

  2. moe daggada says:

    love it, dont have to sit through tons of youtube clips to find my fave knockouts… and the announcer is funny!

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