The Big 3 Series: Websites Part I

Posted: July 9, 2010 in Bellator, Marketing, PR, Social Media

Although there are many MMA organizations in the U.S., the three that are the most recognized are the UFC, STRIKEFORCE and The Bellator Fighting Championships.  As such, in “The Big Three” series I’ll be dissecting how these three organizations each attack the marketing channel to reach you – the fans.

The first installment will look at Websites.  As more businesses move online the website becomes less of a checkmark and more of a crucial piece of any communication strategy.  Since I feel like I’ve been pretty UFC heavy lately here on the blog, the first installment will take a look at Bellator’s site.

Site Address:

The Criteria for review:

Design/Ease-of-Use: The design is a bit cluttered.  There is a lot of great content on the homepage, but unfortunately its all on top of each other and gets lost in the shuffle.  Most of what fans will pay attention is found half way through scrolling down the page, after that – they’ve clicked away.  The site does well in ease-of-use though and I liked that the navigation bar at the top has easy access to anything I would be looking for.

Multi-Media: The site offers everything it should for fight fans.  Weigh-in photos, fight photos, event videos, and media-rich fighter profiles.  My only concern is that it seems a big behind in updating most of the content.  Most of the photos I saw are from 2009.

Social Integration: Bellator had more social capability that I would have thought given their stage of development.   However, I was pleased to see right on the homepage a blog, an RSS feed and access to their Facebook, Twitter and Youtube pages.

Interaction: 0/Nada/Bupkes.  I may have missed something, but I didn’t see any areas where Bellator and its fans interact directly.  The blog appears to be the only place for comments and for those posts that do feature reader comments there are no responses back from Bellator.

What I liked best: Although I wasn’t very impressed with the site overall, the marketer in me was pleased with two things: 1) The social integration.  This will be key in the coming years for Bellator to connect with fans across a variety of channels. 2) The sponsoring brands.  For a relatively new organization I liked seeing FSN, NBC, and Everlast as associated brands.

What I liked least: The news section.  The news covering events felt buried and the posts were not attributed to anyone – they are simply by  The blog posts are by Cory Brady, let’s offer the news pieces’ authors the same level of branding.

What do you think of the Bellator site?

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