UFC Continues the Road to Social: #HUNT4UFC

Posted: July 1, 2010 in Local MMA, Marketing, PR, Social Media, UFC

The UFC continues to impress me with its use of social media.  Yesterday on Twitter I noticed that Dana White (@danawhite)  kick-started a new Twitter give-a-way program.  (See above video for details.)  I have to admit, I like this contest idea.  The #HUNT4UFC program will keep fans constantly in interaction with UFC spokespeople and create good local ‘buzz’ in a variety of cities.  Assuming no one physically fights over a prize, this should further cement an already loyal fanbase.  For pictures of some of the initial winners check out the UFC Fan Page here.

In addition to this contest, the UFC also live streamed yesterday’s UFC 116 open mat media work out sessions.   What was impressive about the live stream – other than it was available of course – was that a Twitter forum was added so that fans could interact and discuss the event.  This is a great way to further build community and allow fan discussion to further drive interest in the big PPV this weekend.   (See screen grab below).

As much I love seeing this type of online interaction I have noticed a significant piece of the conversation is missing and that is UFC feedback.  I love seeing the company open these forums (Twitter discussions, Facebook pages with open comment fields, etc) but there has to be some form manager for a community to be truly effective.  I don’t necessarily mean a babysitter to keep the comments ‘clean’ but there should be someone available to add to the conversation or answer fan questions.  I’ll use the Facebook page as an example, almost every post from the UFC receives 100+ comments, but nothing from the UFC after the original post (from what I’ve seen at least).  I’m not sure if the UFC PR department runs these social programs or if the UFC has a community manager in place, but a few extra steps taken could turn these good ideas into truly great ones.

What do you think of the UFC’s use of social media?

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