Thank you Frank Shamrock

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Strikeforce, UFC

This weekend’s STRIKEFORCE event was filled with surprises, however it’s biggest did not take place in the cage.  On Saturday, June 26th “The Legend” Frank Shamrock announced his retirement from MMA.

Whether or not you liked Frank as a person, you couldn’t take away what he has done for the sport. Frank was the first truly dominate force in MMA and dominated across the UFC, WEC, EliteXC and STRIKEFORCE among other organizations.

More importantly than creating a legacy, Shamrock appears to be maintaining his by leaving the game in good shape and in good standings instead of staying on for one fight too many like so many other fighters.  Although I will be sad to see him go, let’s take a look at what he did during his career:

The Accomplishments

  • Shamrock was the first to hold the UFC Middleweight Championship (later renamed the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship) and retired as the four-time defending undefeated champion.
  • Shamrock has also won numerous titles in other mixed martial arts organizations, including the interim King of Pancrase title, the WEC Light Heavyweight Championship, and the STRIKEFORCE Middleweight championship.
  • He has been named “Fighter of the Decade” for the 1990s by the Wrestling Observer, “Best Full Contact Fighter”, by Black Belt magazine (1998), and three time “Fighter of the Year” by Full Contact Fighter Magazine.
  • He is a 7th degree black belt in Submission Fighting as awarded by O-Sensei Philip S. Porter of the United States Martial Arts Association.

The Record: 23-10-2*

  • 2 (T)KOs
  • 14 Submissions
  • 5 Decisions
  • 2 Other

Although there is no shortage of clips to highlight Frank’s career in MMA, I will have to close this post with the most memorable – and perhaps my favorite.  His UFC fight with Igor Zinoviev.  Thanks for the memories, Frank.

*Stats from

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