Run Fat Boy, Run

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today was a fun day.  I ran the New Charles River Run race with my little sister here in Boston.  Not a bad race, only a 5K.  However, it provided the perfect reminder of why training in any sport is crucial.

My sister was nervous for this race.  She works as a nurse but during her little free time teaches four different aerobic classes at our gym.  I assured her she’d be fine for a 5K.  She however, was nervous because she hadn’t trained in terms of running.  She pointed out that I am running in the gym all the time and therefore would pass her with ease.  As a good big brother, I jogged beside her the whole race rather than sprint it.

Now here is where training comes into play.  You have to remember: Its not just the effort you put in, it’s the environment as well.  You tend to forget that part.  I run every day 3-7 miles.  But how do I do it? Inside and on a machine.  Although I wasn’t out of breath or in any pain, I quickly realized this race was more difficult than my daily run.  Why?  Let’s break it down.  I was now outside in the hot weather, running on a terrain that is not stagnant (gotta love hills) and have a pack of people in front of me that will basically keep me at one pace.

Moral of the story for young fighters, remember your environment.  Where do you train? Well, remember to change it up for a fight outside of your typical region.  Weather, altitude, and time zone changes can all affect how your fight will turn out.

Any training stories to share?

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